Angels Above Charitable Program


Making a difference.

Once a quarter, a not for profit charity will be chosen to accept our $250 of product that the charity specifically needs or promotional products to promote an upcoming event. we believe it is important to give back to the local charities that help our area everyday.

The Spirit of Angels Above.

Angels Above is our way of giving back. This is our way of making sure we cab do something to make the world a better place. This program reflects our culture at MyShopAngel Promotional Products. That everyone can make a contribution no matter how large or small. Success isn't always measured by the boldness of the move, it can be all of the successes added up along the way.

Making a difference.

Each quarter we will give worthy organizations $250 in promotional products to thank support staff, are hosting a fundraising event and so on. If these charities do not have an event we will provide them the same value in products that the charity needs.

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