Insurance Card & Document Holders

Insurance card holders are one of MyShopAngel Promotional Products' best selling items. These are a functional way to remind your customers that you are there for them. Your contact information is displayed on these document holders and they will insert their insurance cards for safekeeping. And, if needed for emergency your number is at their fingertips. They will appreciate having your number easy to find in case of an emergency. Our vinyl document holders come in a variety of styles and colors to meet your needs.

One of Insurance Agencies' Favorite Giveaways

If you’re in sales, you know that marketing is more than an event or campaign; it’s an ongoing process that requires constant attention and diligence. A critical component of any marketing effort, large or small, is building brand awareness and nothing does that better than promotional products. Promotional products custom designed with your business name and logo should be part of any marketing strategy for the following reasons:

  • Low Cost—Promotional items generally have a low price point. For example, our vinyl insurance cardholders start at less than a quarter apiece, making it possible for you to put your name and logo in the pocket or car of hundreds of people for very little money.

  • High ROI—Everyone in sales knows that ROI (return on investment) is the name of that game. Every dollar you spend on marketing needs to come back multiplied several times over in sales dollars. Promotional products have a long track record of proven results and consistently high ROI.

  • Ease—Purchasing custom promotional products from MyShopAngel will be the easiest part of any marketing strategy.

    • MyShopAngel is a leading producer of custom promotional products. We carry a wide array of products catered specifically to insurance agents who want to build their brand. We have auto insurance id card holders, car registration cardholders, and other custom insurance cardholders, all in a variety of colors and sizes. Engage your customers, build your brand, and enhance your image with high-quality promotional products from MyShopAngel today!