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Paper Bags

Great savings for your wallet and the environment.

Paper Bags

Custom printed paper bags are an impressive promotional vehicle to drive your business to success. They offer many different styles, sizes and colors that will match your brand and your message. Paper bags have great value in the promotional products industry for many reasons.

  • They are cheap to purchase, but effective, people will reuse these bags time and time again until they break.
  • They are 100% reusable, recyclable and biodegradable which means no matter what happens to the bag, it is good for the environment and those in it.
  • They are easier to carry compared to plastic shopping bags.
  • They contain 40% post-consumer recycled material.
  • They are composed of a renewable resource.

Custom printed paper bags are also great for lunches; have a need for cooler bags? Get yours at MyShopAngel, snacks, book covers and many more fun and crafty ideas. Are you looking for more paper products? Browse our selection today!
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