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My name is Sarah and I am a Customer Service/Sales Representative at MyShopAngel. I. LOVE. CATS. I also enjoy watching The Office and doodling. I've worked here for 5 years now - time flies when you're having fun!

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Big Thunder Tote Big Thunder® Tote

Item # BM39B1315
As low as $1.70

Minimum Quantity Price: $1.81
: $60.00
Uni-ball Gel Uni-ball 207 Gel

All low as $1.85

Minimum Quantity Price: $2.25

Braided Long Cable Braided Long Cable

Item # CPCTEK032
As low as $3.08

Minimum Quantity Price: $3.22
: $55.00
Color Tote/Book Bag Color Tote/Book Bag

Item # SBQSB11C
As low as $3.69

Minimum Quantity Price: $3.99
: $55.00
PopSockets® PopSockets®

As low as $3.99

Minimum Quantity Price: $4.68
: $40.00
Unicorn 20 oz. Tumbler Unicorn 20 oz. Tumbler

Item # HCLS932
As low as $8.55

Minimum Quantity Price: $9.25
: $55.00
Custom Printed Wooden PopSockets® Wood PopSockets®

As low as $8.94

Minimum Quantity Price: $9.55
: $40.00
- I love this tote bag because it is massive. I have several of these that I use as my shopping bags. They have plenty of room for all of my groceries and are durable.

-I love this Uni-ball pen because I think gel pens write the best. The way they glide across the paper makes me just want to never stop writing.

-This is a great product. This is an charger extension cord that allows me to extend my current charger, so I do not have to deal with a very short cable. I can lay in bed in comfort and not accidently unplug my charger.

-This book bag is also a great bag because its even more durable than the other. I use this as purse basically. It holds all of my belongings that I like to have with me when I am out.

-The PopSockets® are just great. I can grip my phone from whatever angle you can think of and if I am out watching a movie, it becomes a stand. This is genius.

- This tumbler is my favorite go to drink tumbler. I use this daily and it keeps my tea hot for hours and it looks great with all of the pretty colors in it.
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