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Jenny's Favorite Products

My name is Jenny and I am the Operations Manager here at MyShopAngel. Below are the products I love and use everyday.

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Xact Chrome Pen La Jolla Softy Stylus Keyboard Cleaning Brush With Screen Roller
Xact Chrome Pen
Minimum Quantity Price: $0.43
La Jolla Softy Stylus
Minimum Quantity Price: $0.54
Keyboard Cleaning Brush With Screen Roller
Minimum Quantity Price: $0.89
: $45.00
Item # HB487
As low as $.37
Item # GSPYQ
As low as $0.50
Item # HT239
As low as $.80
Crazy Long Cable 16 Oz Swiggy Stainless Steel Bottle-SALE Aluminum PopSockets®
Crazy Long Cable
Minimum Quantity Price: $2.44
: $55.00
16 Oz Swiggy Stainless Steel Bottle-SALE
Minimum Quantity Price: $7.49
: $45.00
PopSockets®- Aluminum
Minimum Quantity Price: $8.00
: $40.00
Item # CPCTEK004
As low as $2.03
Item # HT5706S
As low as $7.49
As low as $7.11
Promotional Liberty Stainless Steel Bottle With Wooden Lid
21 Oz. Liberty Stainless Steel Bottle with Wood Lid
Minimum Quantity Price: $8.93
: $45.00
Item # HT5633
As low as $8.00
-HT239 Keyboard cleaner
I love having this little keyboard cleaner on my desk. It's fun to use and works well as both to get the dust out of my keyboard and to clean my phone screen!

HB487 Xact Chrome

This is my favorite pen we sell! I love the very fine point, and the pen writes so smooth with the hybrid mix of ballpoint and gel ink!

HT5706 Swig
Ever since I got the Swig, I haven't stopped using it. It keeps my water cold all day, and the lid is secure enough that I can throw it in my bag without worrying about it leaking.

CPCTEK004 Crazy Long Cable
My phone dies a lot. Now I can use it in my bed without awkwardly hanging off the edge.

-GSPYQ La Jolla Softy Stylus
Soft touch items are my favorite trend right now. I love these pens because I never want to stop using them.

If you don't have a PopSockets® for your phone yet, you're seriously missing out. Whether you want to step up your selfie game, or just watch Netflix without having to hold your phone the whole time, you need the PopSockets®.