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My name is Kelli and I am our Customer Service Manager. I have been here since the company started actually, and I plan on being here for the rest of my career.

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3 Piece Salad Shaker Set 16 Oz. Metallic Stripe Mug Custom Printed LED Aluminum Light
3 Piece Salad Shaker Set
Minimum Quantity Price: $1.83
: $45.00
16 Oz. Metallic Stripe Mug
Minimum Quantity Price: $2.35
: $45.00
6 LED Aluminum Loopy Light
Minimum Quantity Price: $2.68
: $65.00
Item # HT2155
As low as $1.63
Item # HT7182
As low as $2.09
Item # PL1727
As low as $2.49
Playing Card Set 20 Oz. Himalayan Tumbler with Stuffer Folding Chair w/ Carrying Bag
Playing Card Set
Minimum Quantity Price: $3.87
: $45.00
20 Oz. Himalayan Tumbler with Stuffer
Minimum Quantity Price: $11.99
: $45.00
Folding Chair w/ Carrying Bag
Minimum Quantity Price: $13.69
: $45.00
Item # HT7232
As low as $3.48
Item # HT5790F
As low as $10.48
Item # HT7050
As low as $12.93
-This metallic mug looks great (I love the mettalic look). I have one at home that I was gifted from work and drink my coffee out of it everymorning before I leave for work.

-This salad shaker kit is great for lunch. I pack a salad in the morning and it has a fork and cup for dressing. When I am ready I just pour the dressing on it and shake away.

- This loopy light, I have on my keychain. It is great for coming home to a dark house, so I can see the keyhole. Also good for a late night walk.

-This playing card set makes for a great birthday gift. I ordered these from us and gave them at my son's 15th birthday party. Everyone loved them and my son still has his. (Over a year old)

-This chair was given to us by our company as an appreciation gift. I use it every summer and during my son's lacrosse games.

-We have sent these tumbler stuffers out to people before and they love them. I have also been gifted this before and It is a great tumbler and it comes with a special treat inside. I love snacks!