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My name is Alanna and I am a Customer Serivce Representative. I have worked her now for 3 years and love it here!

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Peppermints in Circle Case Travel Essentials Kit 15 Oz. Campfire Mug
Peppermints in Circle Case
Minimum Quantity Price: $0.95
: $45.00
Travel Essentials Kit
Minimum Quantity Price: $2.38
: $45.00
15 Oz. Campfire Mug
Minimum Quantity Price: $2.69
: $45.00
Item # HT9214
As low as $.88
Item # HT2666
As low as $2.59
Item # HT7133
As low as $2.49
15 Oz. Campfire Mug House Candy Bin Silicone Speaker w/ Phone Stand
15 Oz. Campfire Mug
Minimum Quantity Price: $2.69
: $45.00
House Candy Bin
Minimum Quantity Price: $6.63
: $50.00
Silicone Speaker w/ Phone Stand
Minimum Quantity Price: $11.33
: $45.00
Item # HT7133-NR
As low as $2.49
As low as $6.28
Item # HT2733
As low as $10.47
Exec-U-Line Ring Binder
Exec-U-Line Ring Binder
Minimum Quantity Price: $25.33
: $70.00
Item # SL5310
As low as $20.49
-I just love the peppermints in this case, I am always chewing on gum or sucking down mints. I can never get enough of them. They are convenient to bring anywhere as well.

-I do a lot of traveling and this has saved my life a bunch of times. Being able to charge in the car and have headphones for those noisy children on the plane is great.

-I love to snuggle up by the fire during cool summer nights, and this just gives me that camp summer vibe that we all chase every year.

-We have this candy bin up by our reception area and I always make sure to get up and "walk around" for some candy.

- At my desk, this speaker allows me to play music very quietly so others are not disturbed by it. It also acts as a stand during my lunch break.

-I use this binder everyday for my morning meetings that I attend, it has everything I need to be prepared for the day.