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If your company is looking to invest in the health of its customer base and target markets, you've come to the right place. MyShopAngel is your #1 destination for all of the best and most effective custom personal protection supplies to avoid illness & viruses. We offer several varieties of bulk cotton face masks, safety-promoting wholesale COVID-19 awareness stickers, many sizes of company logo hand sanitizer containers, stylish promotional bandanas, and more. Take a look around this page and find the products you need to provide a safer today and healthier tomorrow to those your business relies upon the most.

Bulk Antibacterial Wipes | Custom Printed First Aid Kits | Branded Hand Sanitizer

During difficult times, it's imperative that your business finds efficient and effective ways to not just stay afloat, but to excel. Still, it's an empty victory if the success comes without helping your employees, customers, and target audience through it all. That's why your business will want to invest in our personalized protection supplies. Items such as promotional hand sanitizers, custom safety gloves, personalized cooling towels, bulk face masks, company logo imprinted COVID-19 awareness posters, and more will be central to your success. When you reach out a helping hand and show the public that your business is one that can be turned to when the chips are down will pay huge dividends both in the short and long-term.

Custom Medical Face Masks in Bulk

Face masks are definitely a high-demand item whenever viruses rear their ugly heads. We offer many varieties of wholesale face masks, including bulk blank face masks and promotional face masks imprinted with your logo. Read on to learn more about the different styles we carry.

Promotional Cotton Face Masks

For those looking for a comfortable and eco-friendly material, we suggest our custom cotton face masks. Reusable, easy to operate, and easy to imprint (though blank models are also available), our cotton face masks are highly popular items for hospitals, convalescent homes, pharmacies, schools, and more.

Bulk Multi-Layer Face Masks

Our wholesale 4 layer face masks and other promotional multi-layer face masks are designed to be even more efficient in filtering out germs. They excel at preventing allergens and contaminants from getting in and also help to prevent the spread of illness on the part of anyone wearing them.

Wholesale Cheap Face Masks

Looking for discount face masks in bulk? We have all the styles you could ever need! Available both with and without imprints, these custom inexpensive face masks can be ordered in large volumes to help your organization to stock up and save.

Custom Cloth Face Masks

Our promotional cloth face masks ship for free and come in your choice of several different colors. They're soft, breathable, flexible, and intuitive. Most of all, they're effective in keeping users and those around them safe and healthy.

Wholesale Disposable Face Masks

If you need several face masks that are intended for one-time usage, our bulk disposable face masks are the way to go. These personalized health protection supplies are sold in large volumes and are perfect for hospitals, clinics, grocery stores, and more. When no longer needed, each can be discarded. When called into duty again, users can just reach into the package and don a fresh face mask and be ready to go.

Bulk Face Shields for COVID-19 Protection

If your employees, customers, or target audience members want to cover more than just their mouths and noses, our wholesale germ protection full face shields are a natural choice. As the name would imply, these items cover the full face, from the forehead down to the lower neck area. They have comfortable fastening head bands and can be worn at the same time as other protective items such as safety glasses and traditional face masks.

Promotional Hand Sanitizer Products

One of the most important things a person can do in order to stay clean and healthy is to frequently wash their hands. When soap and water are not available, applying hand sanitizer is an excellent alternative. Our custom hand sanitizer items are useful both during pandemics and in times of normalcy. They enable users to have an extra barrier of protection against germs wherever they go and make for great trade show giveaway items.

Mini Hand Sanitizer Bottles in Bulk

Our branded mini hand sanitizers are perfect for busy professionals and users who are always on the go. Coming in many styles, they're small enough to easily fit into pockets and are TSA-friendly. When put in a zip-locking plastic bag, they can be placed on the x-ray machines at checkpoints and handed back to users to employ on flights and around the airport.

Bulk Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets

Your company can do its part to help keep users safe when they're looking to travel light or to occupy minimum pocket/tote/purse space while on the move. How? Easy - invest in our wholesale single use hand sanitizer pouches, imprinted with your logo, and you'll arm them with the perfect tool. Each disposable pouch comes with 0.1 oz of hand sanitizer gel for a quick yet thorough cleansing.

Custom Logo Printed Hand Sanitizer Spray Pens

If gel isn't what your company or its users fancy, there's no need to fret. Promotional hand sanitizer spray pens are also highly effective when it comes to killing germs and preventing illness. Their fun, simple design makes them easy to operate. These custom hand sanitizer dispensers offer a misting dose of germ elimination with less of a sticky sensation as compared to gel.

Wholesale Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Not interested in sprays or gels? We still have you covered. The custom antibacterial hand wipes you'll find at MyShopAngel are another great way to keep hands clean when traditional soap & water techniques aren't possible. They're perfect for storing in desk drawers, glove compartments, and end tables. In addition to making perfect trade show giveaway items, they also do very well in office reception areas, grocery store bottle return rooms, and retail store dressing rooms.

Custom COVID-19 Awareness Items

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of Coronavirus or any other highly contagious illness is to keep the public well-informed of the dangers it presents and out to avoid them. This is a technique that should be employed with both children and adults, and that's the approach MyShopAngel is taking in regard to custom Coronavirus educational and awareness products. Read on to learn about the specific items we have to offer.

Wholesale Bandanas & Custom Face Coverings

The traditional medical style face mask isn't a look that everyone loves. Some users will prefer a more stylish solution to disease prevention while for others, it's all about comfort. In either case, we have several alternative face covers and wraps to promote your brand while making the world a safer place.

Promotional Bandanas

The first items in this category that we'll present are our company logo bandanas. Our personalized bandanas are classic fashion accessories that never go out of style. Offering many different colors, styles, and patterns, these wardrobe completers can also function as personal protection devices. Wrapped around one's face, they can aid in the fight against infection and the spread of germs.

Assorted Promotional COVID-19 Prevention Products

We'll close out this guide to custom personal protection supplies by talking a bit about some of the items that don't necessarily fit into any one category. Don't mistake this for a lack of usefulness or practicality though; each and every one of the products were about to describe can play a huge role in promoting your business and keeping the public in good health.
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