Promotional Sticky (Stick-Up) & Magnet Calendars

Have you ever wanted to get promotional calendars for your business? Let's certainly hope so as it has never been easier. Browse our entire collection to find the perfect option that suits your business or organization. We offer calendars for car lovers, outdoorsman and many more. We also carry custom sticky calendars with different shapes such as telephones, trucks, rectangle, thank you, and many more. Give your clients something that is useful for them all year.
These sticky and magnet calendars are a great way to highlight corporate events and holidays for your employees! Businesses such as insurance agencies, realtors, auto sales and more could use these calendars to keep your pitch out of the junk mail pile and into the hands of a new client. At MyShopAngel Promotional Products, we offer a wide range of cost-effective products to help you maximize your marketing budget. Whatever you do for work, promotional calendars make a simple and effective low-cost gift.

Magnetic Calendars
Promotional magnetic calendars are a great gift for all of your employees and customers. You will get a bunch of brand exposure since they will use it everyday for a full year. You can rely on MyShopAngel for the best advice, best pricing and a vast selection. Customize your order with your logo at MyShopAngel Promotional Products.

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Promotional Sticky Calendars

Stick up and magnet calendars are the perfect choice for your next marketing giveaway. It is extremely important for your business to find a promotional product that your customer will use all throughout the year rather than only one time. A promotional product's success is measured by its usefulness and how often your customer sees your business information. With promotional calendars, each time your customer needs to confirm dates or plan something, they will be able to look at your custom printed calendar.

Promotional calendars are so popular and handy that you should not be surprised when your customer asks for more than one so they can keep at home or in the car too! With a handy adhesive or magnet backing, these calendars can be placed anywhere. When your recipients use your calendars they will be subconsciously reminded of your brand all throughout the year. These calendars are a cost-effective means to promote your business or organization. Hand these out even to your associates or at your next marketing event or trade show. Meet your marketing goals without annihilating your advertising budget by getting your logo printed on these custom calendars.