Custom Printed Wall Calendars

Custom wall calendars are a great way to promote your business to the fast-paced world! It is so easy for people to forget special dates, appointments or any other scheduled activity that you can provide your customers with a useful tool. By gifting your clients and employees with custom promotional wall calendars, you will ensure they are always on time for their obligations. Promotional wall calendars allow you to grow your business as people will remember your generosity each time they use their gift. At MyShopAngel Promotional Products we have custom wall calendars in bulk as well as promotional calendars that are perfect for you!

As low as: $6.03
As low as: $3.79
As low as: $1.82
As low as: $1.69
As low as: $15.49
As low as: $1.82
As low as: $4.13
As low as: $4.13
As low as: $4.84
As low as: $5.99
As low as: $8.36
As low as: $3.47

What are the most popular types of calendars?

Our best selling type of calendars is our vast selection of wall calendars. People love them for several reasons including the size of them. Most of the measuring at a width of 11 inches and a height of 10 inches closed. However, when the calendar is opened, it has a width of 11 inches and a height of 19 inches. That means more real estate for your business to advertise on a daily basis. Another reason our customers love our wall calendars is because of the large imprint area. Our customers love seeing their logo and other company information from afar. The last reason our customers love our promo wall calendars is for the great theme selection and high-quality photos. Whether you are a pet lover, promoting houses for sale or just want to show your pride in America, Myshopangel Promotional Products has a calendar just right for you.

What types of calendars do you sell?

At MyShopAngel Promotional Products we have a large selection of custom bulk calendars. We are proud to offer such a great selection of custom calendars to get your business' name out there to the world. As you browse through our website, you will find the following types of calendars.

What other custom promo products work well with a wall calendar?

At MyShopAngel Promotional Products, we have over 500,000 promo products fo you to choose from. Our promo experts are waiting to help figure out what is right for you and your business. We do often recommend products in these categories as additional gifts. Many are low-cost add ons your customers will use daily.