Custom Bulk Calendars

With so many styles of calendars to choose from, how do you know which is right for your business? Let's break it down:
Desk Calendars: Great for banking and other businesses that need a quick glance at future dates. Great for reception areas too! They take very little space but are used many times during the day.
Wall Calendars:Great use in any business as they provide great images of a specific topic and a large imprint area to promote your business. They allow your customers to schedule appointments and other life events so they are on the right track. Constantly keeping your name in front of your clients so they think of you often.
Pocket Calendars:Great for those that like the size of a desk calendar but the images and style of a wall calendar. Can be used in any profession. Sized small to fit in your client's handbag or tote. Many medical professions give this style of calendar clients to keep track of appointments. It is a great low-cost giveaway showing your name and info so they have it at their fingertips.

Some fun facts about promotional calendars!

  • 98% of all homes & virtually 100% of all business use at least one calendar during the day
  • Households use an average of four calendars per home per year.
  • 85% of all home calendar users do business with the company that supplies their promotional advertising calendar.
  • 87% of all household recipients and 94% of all business recipients can recall the advertising message which is displayed on their advertising calendar, which is great news for you!

What is the purpose of marketing your business with a calendar?

  • Builds Brand Identity
  • Welcomes Business and Builds Relationships
  • Stretches Your Advertising Dollars
  • Builds Brand Loyalty
  • Targets Specific Groups
  • Creates a Visual Image of Your Brand
  • Unique Advertising Sign
  • Anniversary
  • Public Relations
  • Unique Promotional Tool
  • Coupons to Build Traffic
  • Employee Involvement Program