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Academic Calendars & Planners

Custom academic calendars for your employees for the school year.

Academic Calendars & Planners

MyShopAngel carries a wide selection of academic monthly planners. We have every kind of planner you can imagine, including custom teacher planners, spiral-bound planners, planners with leatherette covers, weekly planners and monthly planners, just to name a few. We have dozens of colors, styles, and materials to choose from, so you can find a design that perfectly suits your business and your customers.

Planners are the ideal promotional gift. They do exactly what a promotional product should do, which is to build brand awareness and create goodwill. Every time your customer looks at their planner, usually multiple times every day, they will think of you. That planner, custom printed with your name and logo, promotes your business all day, every day, and reaches a wide audience. It’s difficult to imagine a wiser way to spend your advertising dollars than with a promotional planner. Shop today!

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