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Lawn and Garden Accessories

Greast accessories for any of your customers' lawns.

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Promotional At Home Key Hider Spare Key Holder Rock

Item # BCUT222KR
As low as $2.59

Minimum Quantity Price: $2.75
: $55.00
Umbrella Rain Gauge Umbrella Rain Gauge

Item # BSK230
As low as $3.36

Minimum Quantity Price: $3.58
: $60.00

Lawn and Garden Accessories

Rain gauges and other garden accessories are a perfect way to promote your business and a message that is great for the environment and your business. These are giveaways that can be given to any client and they will be happy with it. MyShopAngel wants you to grow a successful relationship with your clients.

Anyone who does gardening knows that it is important to stay hydrated on those long hot days, with stainless steel and metal tumblers, your drinks will stay cold for hours in the summer and warm for even longer in the cold months. It is also important to know they days of the month so you can plan out your planting and harvesting, what better way to do that than with custom printed .98 cent wall calendars.
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