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Seed Kits

Spread your message and plant something. What a great way to connect to you customers.

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Square Seed Paper Bookmark Square Seed Paper Bookmark

Item # BLPB3
As low as $.53

Minimum Quantity Price: $1.09
: $35.00
Seed Paper Shape Bookmark Seed Paper Shape Bookmark

Item # BLPB1
As low as $.58

Minimum Quantity Price: $1.15
: $35.00
Vellum & Seed Paper Bookmark Vellum & Seed Paper Bookmark

Item # BLBP6
As low as $..91

Minimum Quantity Price: $1.72
: $35.00

Seed Kits

Seed packets are a great personalized touch that add a level of respect and loyalty to your customers. Give away seed packets to grow a relationship with your client. The personalized seed packets' contents can be planted both inside or outside depending on what plant you decide. Everyone loves watching a plant grow and become mature.

Seed kits are great for promoting health and wellness. Take a look at some other health and wellness products such as fitness and sanitizes.
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